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We offer a wide range of viscometers and rheometers that are particularly suitable for measuring the viscosity of your products in a wide variety of applications.

The outstanding features of these devices are:

- Touch screen display of viscosity, rpm, torque, time, temperature, shear rate and shear stress.
   shear rate and shear stress.
- Simple operation
- Spindle insert with bayonet or magnetic lock, no thread
- Temperature control and control with Peltier thermostatisation from -20°C to 300°C
- Large selection of spindle measuring systems
- Viscosity measurement even for small sample volumes up to 6ml
- Variable speed regulation from 0.3 to 1500 rpm
- wide torque range from 0.05 to 30mNm
- portable viscometers for industrial and online control
- extensive software with viscosity curves for product properties
- Customised viscometer and rheometer equipment for every application