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THG-GLOCK Instruments is the representative of the
beside listed companies for the above mentioned analysers. For detailed information about these instruments, please click on one of the adjacent search words on the left side.

Flamephotometer from BWB Technologies


Models BWB-XP, -BIO, -Sugar, -Wine, -Nuclear, -Syn Fuels, -Soil und -Lithium


Camspec UV -VIS Single- and Doublebeam
are versatile in use with the help of the software and the wide range of accessories and all this at a very reasonable price  


       Model M105 and

   Model M108

    Model M508


       Model M209T and

              Model Single Beam M501 and
              Double Beam M550

                                                           Viscosimeter, portable Viscosimeter,                  Rheometer, Gel-Timer and Texture Analyzer with and without Peltierthermostat from Lamy Rheology

Model B-ONE Plus,
FIRST Plus, FIRST PRO Plus, RM100 Plus,

Portable B-ONE Plus,

Rheometer with Peltiertherostat
RM200Plus and DSR500

Texture Analyzer

Display of viscosity, rotation, torque, time, temperature, shear rate and shear stress, speed from 0.3 to 1500rpm, measuring ranges from 1 - 240 000 000 mPas, wide range of accessories for your special application.

Refraktometer von Index Instruments 

Abbe Refraktometer Modell ARA3
mit eingebautem digitalen Thermometer

Hand Digital-Refraktometer Modell TDR mit verschiedenen Messbereiche

mit Touchscreen Modell ARW1 für externe Temperierung und
Modell ARP2 mit Peltierthermostatisierung

Polarimeters from Optical Activity
are very low priced and are particularly characterised by fast and stable
measurement results, high accuracy, simple operation, compact and robust design, versatility applications and protection against aggressive media.

8 verschiedene PoAAr Modelle

Modell AA65, AAZ65, und AAM65

Touchscreen Modelle mit
externer Temperierung
Modell ADP1006 mit Peltier Temperierung  Modell ADP1007

PeltierthePrmostatisierte Polarimeterröhren 200
und 100mm


Visuelles Modell VP3003

wide range of Polarimeter tubes


 Laboratory- Stereo- and Biological Microscopes from THG

LMS B100 and

LMS B200 and

BMS 100

SZM B700 and

SZM B701 and

SZM B800 and

BMS Biological Microscope Serie 200


Automatic Melting Point Apparatus from THG
To determine the melting point of powdered samples in a glass capillary for the pharmaceutical, medical, perfume and food industries

                       SBG 300


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